Friday, September 13, 2013

Welcome To The ReadWrite Family, ReadWrite Japan!

I’d like to welcome ReadWrite Japan to the ReadWrite family. Since Richard MacManus launched this site 10 years ago from New Zealand, ReadWrite has always had an international reach and outlook. Though we are now headquartered in San Francisco, we retain that point of view: Transformative technologies and smart opinions about them can come from anywhere. And thanks to the Internet, they can have broad reach and immediate impact on our lives. Think of Skype, born in Estonia, now part of Microsoft. Or the Japanese innovation of emoji, now a craze that Silicon Valley has translated as “stickers” and put in nearly every messaging app imaginable. ReadWrite has always covered these changes with an eye towards their consequences. We are known for our deep analysis, not just superficial recitations of the latest news. And we are very pleased, along with our partners at Yappa, to bring this to Japanese readers. Welcome to our global ReadWrite community.

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